Dallas Cowboys wearing bracelets in support of Niko DiNovo’s recovery

Dez Bryant, Will Blackmon
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) pulls in a pass under pressure from Washington Redskins cornerback Will Blackmon (41) during the second half of an NFL football game in Landover, Md., Monday, Dec. 7, 2015. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

ARLINGTON, T.X. (NEWS 10) – During a football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, Dallas Cowboys players wore bracelets for Niko Dinovo.

Niko was the passenger in the car that crashed into Blessings Tavern in Colonie last month.

Niko, 16-years-old suffered burns to 95 percent of his body.

Niko’s fav team is the Dallas Cowboys and his favorite player is number 88 Dez Bryant.

Players on the team wore blue bracelets during the game to support Niko during his time of revobery

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