More police cameras added in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Recently, the town of Rotterdam received a generous donation from Stewart’s, money that went towards getting another street camera.

For the past several years, the Rotterdam Police Department has been vigorously installing street cameras in different locations. The most recent one was a $5,000 donation.

“Basically, these cameras give us the ability to see things when we’re not there. Obviously, unfortunately, our police officers can’t be everywhere. We want them to be at all times, so this gives us another set of eyes,” Lt. Jeffrey Collins, Rotterdam Police Department, said.

The town currently has seven cameras and they typically look like a white box with the camera lens hanging down.

“We have the ability to monitor these cameras from our station. It’s an Internet-based program that allows us to view them on multiple computers, even from your house if you needed to,” Lt. Collins said.

With these cameras, police are hoping to collect information and evidence that may be related to a reported incident.

“The video evidence is very helpful in a trial with convicting people that have committed offenses.”

Cities like Schenectady currently have almost 200 cameras, with additional access to CDTA buses.

Sergeant Matt Dearing says there have been several moments where they’ve had to look at the footage to get answers relating to a case.

“Given a certain time period, review footage, see if anyone’s story is accurate or inaccurate,” Sgt. Dearing said.

Both Rotterdam and Schenectady say they are always wanting to add more street cameras but all of that will depend on budgeting and cost.

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