Here are all the new emojis being proposed

(NEWS10) – The Unicode Consortium announced a list of proposed emojis for its next update that will be released next year.

The Unicode Consortium is a “non-profit corporation devoted to developing, maintaining, and promoting software internationalization standards and data, particularly the Unicode Standard, which specifies the representation of text in all modern software products and standards.”

They are tasked with voting on the emojis you use on social media, your phone, and online.

The following emojis have been added to the proposal on by the Emoji Subcommittee. They join the Orange Heart, Dumpling, and Face With One Eyebrow Raised which have already been added to the proposed list.

Not all the proposed emojis are listed below due to lack of images. See the full list of proposed emojis.

Click on the up or down arrows to vote on your favorite or least favorite emoji proposals.

Voting on the proposed emojis will take place in mid-2017.



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