Former pledge speaks out about underground UAlbany sorority

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) –  A UAlbany student who dropped out of pledging at an underground UAlbany sorority is speaking out Friday.

The UAlbany student, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she was constantly anxious not knowing what was going to happen next while pledging for the underground sorority at a Hamilton street house.

“It was like coming home to an abusive household. I’ve never been in one but it was terrifying and I didn’t know if they were going to hurt you because they were drunk at this point,” the student said.

Terrifying and degrading is what the student calls her two weeks of pledging a sorority who claimed to be an underground version of Alpha Omicron Pi.

“It was just like a lot of verbal aggression towards us. They would say like you’re worthless or you’re a stupid *****. Some of us got stepped on and like they’re all wearing heels.”

She says she’s glad she dropped out early, once learning on Thursday that seven UAlbany students were arrested for hazing.

They are accused of pouring rotten milk , eggs, moldy food and a urine smelling substance on pledges heads mouth and bodies. Some of the same girls she says who verbally abused her, and forced her and other pledges to drink excessive amounts of vodka, and much more.

“Another one of my pledge sisters they made her put onions in her pants and they would hit her. She had a bad allergic reaction she had to go to the health center.”

The student says the sorority sisters told her the underground operation needed to remain a secret and when going out pledges must say they are with the UAlbany dance team, and could not talk to other sisters on campus.

She says after she and a friend dropped out, the sorority leaders didn’t let up.

“She would just go up to her and be like you’re an ugly *****, nobody likes you. You can kill yourself.”

Statement from UAlbany:

“The University at Albany has a zero tolerance policy on hazing. While we cannot discuss individual students due to federal privacy laws, any student involved in hazing is violating rules of the University’s Student Code of Conduct. If the University is made aware of allegations of hazing, it will initiate an investigation and if it is determined violations of the conduct policies have taken place, the University will work quickly to implement the appropriate administrative disciplinary measures.”

The national chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi has not been at UAlbany since 2014 and says it is not associated with the group.

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