Fire chief says Delanson home explosion likely related to propane leak

DELANSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A mother and daughter escaped a home explosion and fire in Delanson unharmed Thursday night.

The investigation into what caused that explosion continues, but the fire chief believes a propane leak is to blame.

A 100-year-old building was reduced to rubble after an explosion and fire Thursday night.

People stopped by to take a look at a piece of history that is no more on Friday.

“It was pretty loud, it shook the house, shook the windows.”

So loud that, neighbor George Martin, who lives four houses away, thought a train may have gone off the nearby tracks.

Soon after he heard sirens.

“The one young lady that was inside the building said she actually thought the building raised up about 2 feet underneath her. I mean that was pretty loud,” Delanson Fire Chief Kevin Morrison said.

Smelling propane, a mother, and daughter narrowly escaped to a roof where neighbors help them to safety.

Fire crews cautiously fought the flames, knocking down the weak structure, leaving a burned-out jeep and a pile of history.

“I just had to come see it. This used to be a post office, a candy store, a general store that I went to a lot as a boy,” John Pierce said.

Pierce lives in Tulsa now but happens to be visiting Delanson.

He’s saddened by the demise of the 136-year-old building that brings back fond memories.

“Everybody knew everybody here, it was that kind of a village. So we’d just meet up at the general store and share our stories.”

Those who live here now, hoping to see something positive come from the destruction.

“Maybe sticking a park and some swing sets in there. I think It would be great, it would be kind of nice to put something here on the corner that the town would be kind of proud to see,” Martin said.

The Delanson fire chief offering these words of advice as we heat our homes this winter.

“If you smell something that you don’t think is right or normal, call your local fire department that’s what we’re here for,” Morrison said.

The health department is testing the debris for possible asbestos.

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation.

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