Repealing Obamacare: Impact on New York, women worried about future of reproductive health

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With a Trump presidency becoming a reality, many people are asking what happens next. One of the major unknowns is Trump’s promise to appeal the Affordable Care Act.

Long term contraceptives like IUDs and implants can last anywhere from five years up to more than a decade.

President and CEO of Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood Chelly Hegan say it’s already a popular method of birth control.

“Close to 25% of our patients leave here with a long acting reversible method,” said Hegan.

Many women are considering the option now, hoping the birth control will outlast the Trump Administration.

They’re worried the President-elect will be successful in repealing Obamacare and birth control will become unaffordable or unavailable.

Hegan says that shouldn’t be the only reason women are considering a switch.

“Even if the Affordable Care Act stays forever, it’s still a great idea because it’s great care,” said Hegan.

Assemblyman John McDonald says he thinks Obamacare should be altered, not repealed but if it is, it will be up to state government to make changes.

“We’ll have to make a decision at the state level where we can fill in that gap financially,” said McDonald.

Assembly republicans declined to comment on the issue Thursday, but Hegan says Planned Parenthood patients don’t have to worry about losing their care, or about the organization going away.

“We’ve had problems before,” Hegan said. “We’ll have problems again, but not serving our patients is just not an option.”

If you’re interested in looking at your birth control options, Planned Parenthood has several tools on their website to help you decide.


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