Groups targeted during Trump’s campaign react to his victory

President-elect Donald Trump waves to his supporters after giving his acceptance speech during his election night rally, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/John Locher)

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Donald Trump is president-elect, and people’s reactions range from happy to emotionally distraught. But fear is especially felt by the LGBT community and Hispanics.

Both the LGBT and Hispanic community in the Capital Region did not expect Donald Trump to win the presidency. But they said they are not going to let their disappointment get in the way of what he can accomplish.

Libby post said she watched in dismay as the official announcement was made that Trump was the winner.

“We’re all pretty much shaken up and dismayed, and many of us are disgusted,” she said.

Trump has been criticized for claiming he will elect conservative justices to the Supreme Court, which could potentially overturn marriage equality and other LGBT civil rights.

“What he has done has unleashed the horrible underbelly of American society,” Post said.

In turn, Post is urging all LGBT community members to turn their anger around by staying strong and continuing to fight for equal rights. She said that while she is extremely disappointed in the country’s decision, the LGBT community should not feel defeated.

Another group Trump criticized during his campaign was the Latino community where he called Latino immigrants “criminals” and “rapists.”

While many thought the anti-Latino comments were sure to put Trump behind democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, the result was unexpected.

New York State Assemblyman Guillermo Martinez said part of Trump’s victory was, in part, due to Latino voters.

“We have seen low wage growth, an economy that has stagnated income growth, and we have seen huge rates of poverty growth in the Latino community in the country,” he said.

Martinez said he empathizes with the rest.

“The Latino community is kind of scared,” he said. “A lot of Latino communities are scared about what Trump will do because he has promised that he will actually rescind all executive orders on day one.”

Martinez also sent out a message to the Latino community saying they should not be nervous of Trump; but rather, those who have a criminal record should be worried.

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