Capital Region voters weigh in on Donald Trump’s victory

NASSAU, N.Y. (NEWS10) — In the village of Nassau, there are lots of Trump supporters. Signs are up and down the streets, showing their support for Donald Trump.

One local woman says she was on the edge of her seat Tuesday night as those election results came in, and now she’s very excited about the future of this country.

Chances are, you probably felt the same way Tuesday night.

“My heart was pounding and I’m praying to God,” said Trump supporter, Tammy Lee.

Lee lives in Nassau and is an avid Trump supporter. She says when the election results came in, she could barely believe her eyes.

“Honest reaction, I did cry,” Lee said. “It was better than any World Series, and Super Bowl, wedding. It was probably the best moment that I’ve had so far.”

She’s not alone. Hillary Clinton might have won New York State, but many counties in the Capital Region favored Trump.

“I was happy, I think Trump is the right fit for the job,” said Trump supporter, Dylan Hayes.

Hayes went to bed Tuesday night, thinking his candidate didn’t have a chance.

“I was surprised when I woke up this morning,” Hayes said. “I looked at my phone and I saw Trump won, I was real surprised.”

Others, like Vivian Steele said: “Donald Trump, not my favorite, no.”

They’re singing a whole different tune on Wednesday.

“I just think we’re in a sad state,” Steele said. “I do. It’s scary what’s going to happen now, it’s really scary.”

Steele never thought this would actually happen.

“I really didn’t put much stock into it but as it went on and it became a real possibility, it was like, whoa,” Steele said.

Now as the shock wears off and reality sets in, everyone is hopeful for the same thing.

“I say we shouldn’t give up, we shouldn’t give up,” Steele said.

As for Lee?

“I want people to give him a chance and to believe in him,” Lee said.

So whether people are Trump supporters or Hilary supporters, both sides say they want to see this country unified and they hope they can work together.

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