After Election Day status quo reigns in the NYS Legislature

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Election Day brought with it a potential for a shift in power in the New York State Legislature, particularly in the NYS Senate. The votes are in and it appears as though that change did not happen.

Democrats will once again hold a commanding majority in the NYS Assembly, and Republicans will continue to control the Senate.

This has been the arrangement for some time, and after Tuesday night, that’s how it will stay – at least for the next two years.

All 63 seats in the Senate and 150 seats in the Assembly were up for election this year, but most incumbents ran unopposed, cruising into reelection.

Several downstate Senate races were hotly contested, where Democrats were hoping to snap those seats and regain control of the entire legislature. Ultimately, they were unsuccessful.

Election Day has come and gone and things at the NYS Capital will remain status quo when legislators return in January.

For full nation and local election results visit:


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