Gloversville officers honored for helping calm down suicidal person

GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Three officers were honored at city hall in Gloversville for going above and beyond to save someone’s life.

“It’s nice that we were recognized,” Officer Cody Bly said.

Officer Bly along with Officer Russell Klippel and Sergeant Robert Ruddy are feeling honored Tuesday night.

Bly and Klippel awarded with Medals of Honor and Ruddy awarded with a Medal of Merit all for actions they took on a call in August.

“The officers responded to a call of a domestic violence complaint and while in route they observed a motor vehicle accident, a car into the side of a building,” Captain Michael Scott, of the Gloversville Police Department Patrol Operations, said.

Captain Scott says the driver, 29-year-old David Duesler, was highly intoxicated and exited the vehicle with an 8-inch knife in his hand screaming at the officers to kill him.

The officers decided to use tasers but they didn’t affect Duesler.

“Sergeant Ruddy introduced the less lethal shotgun and was able to subdue the individual, one bean bag round.”

Overall Scott says they were able to keep Duesler from harming himself while managing to keep their composure.

“They were justified to deploy deadly physical force that night but chose to go another way,” Capt. Scott said.

Though Scott feels their actions went beyond their roles as officers, the officers feel, they were just doing their job.

“Adrenaline took over that night and we just acted in a manner that we needed to, to try to help him,” Officer Bly said.

They say it all came down to instinct and their training.

“You just you don’t really think about it and just go ahead and do it,” Klippel said.

“A life was preserved and I mean that’s ultimately you know the goal,” Sgt. Ruddy said.

Whether they were awarded the medals or not, it won’t change the way they do their jobs.

“Just like anybody else we’re just going to go out there and continue to do it the way we were trained,” Bly said.

Duesler’s mom did come here to city hall to thank each other officers for saving her son’s life.

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