Only on 10: Family members of victim in murder-suicide speak out

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Three days after a murder-suicide in Schenectady, the family of one of the victims is speaking out and sharing their story with NEWS10 ABC.

Every day Samantha Viscariello and Krystal Pagan are hurting, knowing they can’t reach out to their sister Desiree Pagan.

“She really was one of God’s angels,” Samantha said. “My sister was everything to this family. My sister kept our family together,” Krystal added.

Schenectady Police say they responded to 401 Shannon Street Wednesday night to find 40-year-old Wayne Goodwin and 39-year-old Desiree dead on the second floor.

Police say the incident was domestic in nature, in which Wayne shot Desiree multiple times and then shot himself.

“We thought that he was a good man to my sister,” Samantha said.

Desiree and Wayne were together for almost seven years. They started as friends and then fell in love.

“He catered to her in every way that a man should cater to a woman,” Samantha said.

Four years ago, they had a child named Jolina. After her birth, their relationship started getting shaky – sparked by the fact that Wayne was married.

This wasn’t news to Desiree. She knew about his wife since they met, but it was something she didn’t want impacting her child.

“My sister didn’t want my niece to be the secret child. She wanted her to have her father,” Samantha said. “This was killing her inside because this wasn’t the person she was. She knew this was wrong,” Krystal added.

Wayne promised her he would leave his wife, and Desiree believed him.

“She kept on finding the good in him,” Samantha said. “No matter what her gut said.”

On Wednesday, Desiree decided she was done and was going to ask for child support.

“He cooked her a meal and he went upstairs and he did that terrible act out of anger, out of resentment,” Samantha said.

Samantha and Krystal say this was all a result of mental abuse.

“It was all a lie. He wanted his way, he wanted to do it his way, and he did it his way, till the end,” Krystal said. “If he didn’t have her, he didn’t want anybody else to, and he made sure of that,” Samantha added.

Now they’re urging those facing similar abuse to speak up so no one else has to feel the pain that they’re feeling.

“Help is out there, just look for it, ask for it,” Samantha said. “Now we have to pick up the pieces because of what he did. We have to try to find a way to be positive and be strong for each other and for those girls.”

Desiree’s family says they plan to start a fund in her name to help victims of domestic violence.

Although the family is still hurting, they do send their love to Wayne’s family.

Desiree leaves behind two children.

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