Super Mom Monday: Classroom Apps

LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Keeping kids focused on learning is getting technical.

Technology has been playing a role in Capital Region classrooms for some time, and now more than ever, what happens in the classroom can be at a parent’s fingertips instantly.

Shawna Robb, a 5th grade ELA teacher at Blue Creek Elementary School started using the app “Classroom Dojo” with her students this year.

“It’s a behavior management tool so we can really reinforce positive behaviors in the classroom by awarding points for students,” said Robb.

Students are awarded points for things like following the rules, displaying good behavior, helping others, and being prepared for class. The data is charted and each student can follow their progress with an avatar they can create.

Parents can follow along with the progress as well. The app also includes a messaging system allowing parents to communicate directly with teachers, and a place to see pictures and other fun classroom happenings.

“It’s extremely motivational so far. Students do know that their parents can look at their Class Dojo account,” said Robb. Therefor they can kind of track to see how they are doing every day. Do they earn more points versus losing points? Most of our students do earn way more than losing, which we like.”

Robb says feedback from parents on the app so far has been good, and she can see the app being used more in the future.

“What I really like about it is that since we are departmentalized, it keeps us all consistent,” said Robb. “So when the children enter my classroom, they know that I have the same expectations and I can reward them for positive behavior.”

How exactly a teacher uses the app varies. Robb’s class at Blue Creek Elementary uses the app for the points system. But for other parents, the communication system is the primary advantage.

What’s your experience been with apps in the classroom?

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