Police: Man tries to give kids away on Halloween, threatens to throw them in dumpster

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CNN) –  While many parents were dressing up their kids in costume, taking pictures, making Halloween memories, a Kansas City dad was trying to give his kids away to strangers.

The bizarre trick or treating happened on Halloween night.

Police say they found the man and his two kids in a parking lot.

Witnesses reported that the dad was trying to get rid of his kids. They thought the man was joking when he stopped them and asked if they wanted a couple kids.

They say it didn’t take long for them to realize he was serious.

Witness reports say 27-year-old Evrald Mombo started to walk away from his kids in the parking lot while the 3-year-old boy and 1-year-old girl were crying hysterically. They say Mombo told police the kids’ mother is in jail and if someone didn’t take them, he would throw his children in a dumpster.

Police later stopped by Mombo’s home where officers say they found roaches and flies, a fridge full of rotten and spoiled food, and no electricity.

Police arrested Mombo, he’s now facing two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Both kids are in state custody. He has a court date next Wednesday.

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