State Comptroller’s Office examines proposed 2017 Troy budget

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The state released its evaluation of the controversial proposed 2017 budget from the city of Troy on Thursday.

The New York State Comptroller’s Office released a five-page review where the state looked over revenues and expenditures. In the review, the state said the proposal is reasonable.

But at the city council meeting on Thursday, people were still fired up over the property tax increase. Concerned community members gathered in one of the largest turnouts the council has seen at its meetings.

The majority took their concerns to the podium and said the 28.2 percent property tax increase is unacceptable.

Council President Carmella Mantello has urged the mayor to reconsider the 16-point plan.

Read the report:

“It calls for a hiring freeze; it calls for overtime expenditure cuts; it calls for outside consultant cuts,” she said.

But Mayor Patrick Madden said a memo was written to the council in response to the plan that states all 16 points were already considered in his proposed budget.

Until the mayor adopts the plan, the council said they will not override the tax cap. In the state’s review, it says the mayor does not have the power to override it.

“Essentially, what would have to happen is the mayor would have to live within that .68 tax cap, which would dramatically change the way services are provided,” Mantello said.

If the city does have to live with the .68 percent tax cap, an emergency supervisory board from the state would come to Troy and can potentially change the way the city will run, Mantello added

Thursday night, the council passed the proposal to increase fees for building permits and vacant buildings – something the mayor said will help the revenue and expenditure side.

“I don’t think we’re at 28.2 anymore,” Madden said. “We’re down below that. I can’t say at this point in time how far below that, but we’re making some movement on that.”

The date to vote on the proposed budget is November 29. Madden said he has also scheduled a workshop with the council to see if they can reach a compromise before it gets voted on.

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