Allegations of Albany officer having “relations with underage individuals”

Anthony Aubin

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Following an announcement on Wednesday made by Schenectady police that one of their officers was suspended, another local police department explains more about its internal investigation launched after the Schenectady officer’s alleged boyfriend made statements to police.

The Albany police chief confirms an internal investigation is ongoing and it involves only one of their officers at this time.

He says the allegations involve accusations about the officer allegedly having inappropriate relations with people who are underage.

On Thursday, Albany Police Chief Brendan Cox said that the department launched the internal investigation after he says Anthony Aubin allegedly made statements to police about an Albany Police officer.

Chief Cox says Aubin made allegations that an Albany police officer had “relations with underage individuals.”

“So far there’s no corroboration for anything that’s been alleged but I have to complete our investigation. I’m hoping I will have our investigation complete very soon,” Cox said.

Aubin was recently arrested by Colonie Police after he was accused of using fraudulent checks at two Colonie car dealerships that Schenectady Sgt. Jonathan Moore, who’s been suspended, was allegedly present for.

During a press conference Thursday in response to a Times Union article, Schenectady police said during their interviews with Aubin, he never mentioned anything about underage drinking or sex parties referred to as “breeding parties.”

On Thursday, Chief Cox would not comment on that.

When asked why the Albany officer under investigation has not been suspended or placed on leave, he said: “My officers are allowed the same due process as anybody else so, he is innocent until proven guilty while we do an investigation. There’s nothing leading me to believe there’s any danger there.”

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