Schenectady police sergeant allegedly linked to check fraud case, suspended with pay

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A bombshell of an investigation is going on in the city of Schenectady and could have far-reaching consequences at other Capital Region departments.

This case apparently involves a Schenectady police sergeant and his ex-con lover over allegations of fraud and ties to the gay porn industry.

The wild story was first uncovered by the Times Union newspaper on Wednesday. Hours after it was published, the Schenectady Police Department confirmed that 35-year-old Sergeant Jonathan Moore is on paid administrative leave. That’s after his live-in companion, an ex-con named Anthony Aubin, was arrested two weeks ago for allegedly using fraudulent checks to try and purchase vehicles at two area car dealerships.

Colonie Police say Sgt. Moore was with Aubin when he was arrested trying to use a bad $92,000 check to purchase a Jaguar.

“Sgt. Moore was identified as being present during these transactions. On that date, our Office of Professional Standards opened an Investigation into the matter and specifically what Sgt. Moore’s involvement was. He was suspended without pay, pending the outcome of that investigation,” Schenectady Police Chief Eric Clifford said.

In a sworn statement to Colonie police, Moore said Aubin had moved into his Schenectady home this summer. Moore said he had debt issues, and that Aubin, who had worked in the gay porn industry could find him work too. Moore claimed that the pair worked for at least two film companies, and he believed that an agent in the porn industry was assisting them in the purchase of the pricey vehicles. He claimed no knowledge that the checks were fraudulent.

The Albany Police Department confirms they have an investigation related to Aubin’s arrest but will not say why.

The article mentioned that Aubin’s arrest has spurred an investigation into other allegations that some gay officers may have hosted or taken part in sex parties, called “breeding parties”, that allegedly were attended by underage teenagers.

Schenectady Police say that was never brought up in their interviews. The Chief also said that by performing in these films, Moore was breaking the department’s code of conduct.

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