NY elementary school cancels mock election after kids say ‘negative things about minorities’

CENTEREACH, N.Y. (ABC NEWS) – Presidential elections have been always been a subject of great interest for students and teachers, even at the elementary level. But this year, it’s been a struggle for educators, many of whom have had to change tactics.

As a result, a traditional mock election at Jericho Elementary School in Centereach, New York will look very different this year.

Adults aren’t the only ones who’ve been getting in heated discussions about the presidential candidates. Kids have been too, and often at school.

A lot of people are arguing about the topic, which is why those at Jericho Elementary decided to cancel the school’s mock election. Instead, this Friday, students will be voting for their favorite school lunch.

“Children in the cafeteria would bring up things about minorities and the voting and the candidates and there were some negative things said,” Jericho Elementary School Principal Glen Rogers said.

It’s not that the teachers have been avoiding talking about the candidates, they’re just doing it in the classroom where they’re better able to address questions and concerns.

Politics aside, no one can argue this hasn’t been one interesting election season.

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