Drivers are now required to move over for garbage, recycling trucks in NY

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York’s “Move Over” law that requires drivers to slow down and move over for police, firefighters, and tow trucks, now applies to garbage and recycling trucks.

Garbage collectors have a very dangerous job, removing trash from the curb to put in here puts them in harm’s way on a daily basis but a new law is aimed at keeping them safe.

A public service announcement shows the dangers garbage collectors face, drivers in a rush, speeding past them. At the Troy Department of Public Works (DPW) garage, one worker says it happens to him nearly every day on the job.

“I had a close call this morning. It’s just like I didn’t even see him and it was just bam,” Guy Hugson, Troy DPW sanitation worker, said.

Hugson and workers hope a new law will protect them. It requires drivers to slow down and move over when approaching them, instead of flying by them.

“He was right behind me and he still comes around, the whole nine yards it’s scary,” Hugson said.

It’s an expansion of the same law that protects police officers, emergency workers, and tow trucks drivers, one that’s not always adhered to.

Last month, James Homkey, a tow truck driver was hit and killed while helping a disabled car on the Thruway. A few days later, Ronald Deming, a Thruway worker was killed while helping out at an accident scene.

Garbage collectors say they face the same dangers.

“We can get hit just as much as the police or fire,” Gary Sousis, Troy DPW sanitation worker, said.

A Waste Management spokesman agrees saying:

“Waste Management supports this law and we are glad to see it enacted. It will reduce injuries from accidents and potentially save lives.”

The goal is to make sure drivers are aware that simply slowing down and moving over can be the difference between life and death.

If you break the law you could face up to $400 in fines and three points on your license.

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