Bilingual preschool cuts ribbon in Clifton Park

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Clifton Park school is on a mission to ignite the genius in every child and for them, a genius is bilingual.

Genius Plaza officially cut the ribbon on their language center on Wednesday. It provides an opportunity for preschoolers to learn and enhance language skills.

The school started two years ago with five students and now, 45 are taking part in full or part-day immersion programs for English and Spanish.

The company’s CEO, who started the school because she wanted her own kids to grow-up bilingual, says that beginning at age two or three is ideal.

“This is the age when kids brains are developing and they learn a new language without even realizing that they are learning,” said Founder and CEO of Genius Plaza, Ana Roca Castro. “For them, they’re playing and it just happens to be in another language.”

Well, it’s working.

Students who began in September, were already reading in Spanish by the end of October.

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