Woman says she contracted Legionnaires’ disease in Saratoga County

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y.  (NEWS10) – The Wesley Health Care Center is still waiting for water test results after three patients and one employee contracted Legionnaires’ disease.

The facility made the announcement on October 21, but it’s unclear if they are the source.

The Saratoga County Department of Health is also investigating two other cases of Legionnaires’ disease that may not be associated with Wesley.

One local woman says she fell ill 10 days after getting foot surgery at Saratoga Hospital.

She says she never spent time at Wesley.

“The only two places I’ve been are home and the hospital during that 10 day period between when you are exposed and when you show symptoms,” Susan Gonino, a woman who contracted Legionnaires disease in Saratoga, said.

Saratoga Hospital says they are not testing water samples for Legionella bacteria at this time.

Hospital spokesman Peter Hopper released this statement:

“Due to patient privacy, Saratoga Hospital cannot comment on an individual patient case. What we can say is that Saratoga Hospital works closely with the county and state departments of health and we follow all testing and reporting protocols for legionella disease. There is no record or indication of a patient contracting legionella disease as a result of exposure at Saratoga Hospital.”

Susan’s rental office tells me they are aware of her case but would not comment on whether or not they will test her apartment for Legionella bacteria.

NYS Department of Health guidelines require all health facilities to test for legionella every three months. The most recent testing for Legionella Disease at Saratoga Hospital was on August 29, 2016. The equipment was later inspected on September 7, 2016.

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