James Franco directing, shooting movie in Troy

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) –  Quiet on the set! You’ll hear a lot of that over in Troy this week as filming for a movie is underway.

It’s all happening on the campus of Sage College. Many of the detail of the film are being kept under wraps that James Franco is directing the movie.

One student, who lives in the Kellas Dorm, says the filming is happening on the third floor in a common room and that the crew has taken over some of the rooms there too filming the Franco directed movie called the Pretenders.

Dominique Pizzo-Palumbo says not much has been separating her from big name actor and director of the Pretenders James Franco.

“He’s actually filming on the same floor that I live on. He’s on the left and I’m on the right and there’s a door separating us,” Pizzo-Palumbo said.

It didn’t take long for her close encounter to become an actual one when Franco asked her one simple question.

“‘Where’s the bathroom?’ I said, oh it’s down there on the left. I asked if we could take a quick picture, so yeah I got a picture with him.”

Others not weren’t as lucky. Many were waiting outside of the building, hoping to learn more about the film’s plot and get that coveted glance of Franco.

“It’s so cool to have someone like that come here and be able to experience it,” Brittneey Fliuta, a Troy resident, said.

Many saying regardless of the big Hollywood feel a name like Franco’s brings, having this opportunity is good for the college and for the city.

“It really demonstrates that we have something for everybody. This is a great location to film,” Troy Mayor Patrick Madden said.

“Hopefully this will help to bring more people here and get them more interested in showcasing our beautiful community,” Deanna Cohen, Director of External Relations at Sage Colleges said.

Pizzo-Palumbo saying although the filming has disrupted things a little.

“We’re not really allowed,” Pizzo-Palumbo said. “We have to go to the other end of the hallway to go up the other set of stairs because they won’t let us up there.”

Her photo with Franco and the experience of the film is something she’ll never forget.

There are several road closures and parking restrictions in the area because of the filming.

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