Albany council members continue to debate the proposed trash tax

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Council members in the city of Albany debated the proposed trash tax Tuesday night.

With rising property taxes, property owners in the city of Albany may soon be paying an additional tax. Currently, two to four unit buildings are charged a fee, but that could soon apply to single family homes as well.

Council members said there are three competing proposals on the table with the tax caps.

First is to keep it as it is. A second is to spread it to single unit homes. The final option is to repeal it completely and find the $1.5 million gap somewhere else in the budget.

A counterpoint addressed during the meeting said the trash tax is also about extending the life of the landfill. It’s set to expire in 2020, but that could be pushed back to 2023 with the tax.

Currently, lower income families are affected the most. But an expansion to single unit homes would make the proposed tax widespread throughout all of Albany.

A general council meeting will be held on November 7 at Albany City Hall. A decision is not expected at that time.

The hope is to have a resolution before the end of the month.

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