Thousands attend funeral for fallen NYS Trooper Timothy Pratt

SOUTH GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Family, friends, and more than 1,000 law enforcement members from across the country gathered in South Glens Falls to remember the life of a fallen New York State trooper.

Trooper Timothy Pratt was remembered as a loving father, loyal friend, and a leader in the law enforcement community.  He served as a member of the New York State Police for 30 years.

“Everyone knew him,” NYSP Superintendent George Beach said. “He was renowned for his work; for his kindness to people; his commitment to the community. He was a wonderful man.”

Beach said Pratt was more than just an incredible trooper. He said he was also an exceptional person.

“Everybody knew Tim. Everyone,” he said. “Both in the law enforcement community and the larger community in general.”

Pratt’s daughter, Sarah, remembered him during the funeral held at Saint Michael’s Church.

“As I thought about what my father would have wanted for his remembrance, and it became clear,” she said. “It was laughter.

It was his laughter that many said was contagious.

“My father loved to laugh, and he loved to make over people laugh,” Sarah said. “He loved to make other people smile and feel loved.”

“If you met him once, he left an impression that would stay with you,” NYSP Troop G Commander William Keeler said. “He always had a smile on his face.”

Keeler went to the academy with Pratt.

“He always had kind things to say about people, and people liked him,” Keeler said. “Even the people that he gave tickets to.”

He was also remembered for how he left people feeling good about themselves, and with a smile on their faces.

“He’s the type of guy that when he would arrest you, as you were walking out the door, the defendant would think he won a trip to Disney. He was that good. Pratt was a great guy.”

Even those who didn’t know the trooper lined the streets of South Glens Falls.

Joan Weller, 74, of Glens Falls, was even though she didn’t know Pratt. But she got up Monday morning and became one of the dozens who lined Main Street to show their respect.

“I couldn’t forgive myself if I wasn’t here,” she said.

Others, like Robert Long, will miss his happy spirit. Pratt was a regular at the local restaurant where Long worked.

“He liked baked ziti and sausage, so I was very well known for that and that was one of his favorite meals,” Long recalled.

As a state police motorcade ushered Pratt to his funeral service, it was almost too much to bear for one of his dear friends.

“He was in my first wedding,” they said. “We’ve been on cruises together. We played cards, dinner, so many things. He’s a great guy.”

The love and respect for Pratt continued was 14 giant flags adorned his next procession to the Saratoga National Cemetery.

Also in attendance were Governor Andrew Cuomo, Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo, and Assemblyman Dan Stec.

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