Survey reveals America’s favorite Halloween candies, by state

NEW YORK (ABC NEWS) — Trick or treaters in Florida should prepare to have their bags filled with Nestle Crunch, while Halloween revelers in Oregon should get ready for mounds of candy corn, according to a new survey that looked at candy preferences state by state., a retail review website, surveyed over 40,000 “influensters” to find out which Halloween candies are most popular in each state.

Candy corn proved the big winner in the survey. The sugary treat was the “candy of choice” in the most states, according to the website.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups received the most votes nationwide in Influenster’s survey.

The candy picks by states ranged from Swedish fish (the top choice in Louisiana) to Toblerone (the top choice in Arizona). Washington, D.C., chose Twix as its favorite.

Click HERE to see the top candy choice in your state.

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