Super Mom Special Report: Scary Clown Craze

(NEWS10) – August 2016, Greenville South Carolina, multiple reports of children saying strange clowns were trying to lure the min to the woods behind an apartment complex.

Over the last few months, the number and intensity of clown encounters have caused the clown craze to morph into a world-wide phenomenon on local and national news, the internet and social media. They’ve been spotted outside of schools right here in the Capital Region attaching fear to what is supposed to be a face of fun.

“Well I’m not to going to allow somebody to just stand there and stare at people and try to intimidate them. I’m just not going to do that, alright. If they aren’t serving a legitimate purpose, they are moving on and that’s that,” said Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple.

Clown costume sales are up over 300 percent but because how awkward these “creepy clowns” make people feel, schools and some stores have banned clown costumes. Massive retailer Target even chose to pull clown outfits from their shelves altogether.

If you’re thinking of dressing as one of these pranksters this Halloween, Sheriff Apple says don’t.

“There’s probably going to be hundreds of clowns running around, but my message to them is that we will be probably be stopping hundreds of clowns running around making sure that they have no bad intensions. If you’re going to scare some kids you are going to do it safely, and chances are you’re jeopardizing your own safety if you do that,” said Sherriff Apple.

The point of the evening is to find safe entertainment so Albany County Sherriff’s Deputies will be everywhere on Halloween to make sure that happens. Undercover officers will be walking the streets, double maybe even triple the number of uniformed patrols will cruise through neighborhoods to keep the clowning around to a minimum.

“Most people can trust their gut, you know you see some clown lurking around and he doesn’t have anyone with him, and he’s all by himself or whatever, call us. Let us come down and check him out you know, (make sure) it’s harmless or whatever. I would encourage everybody to call us because that’s what we are here for,” said Sherriff Apple.

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