Police say they are closer to finding driver that hit, killed Ballston Spa man

MILTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police say they are closer to finding the driver of a vehicle that hit a man in a Milton neighborhood over the weekend and then drove away.

Jacob Perring, 32, later died from his injuries.

An autopsy conducted on Perring Tuesday was relief for those who live in his neighborhood where he was hit.

“People don’t pay attention they don’t realize how sharp this turn is and they fly around it,” Caitlyn Hulett said.

Hulett lives on the corner of Saratoga Avenue, just a few homes down from where police say Perring was struck. She says cars frequently speed around a hairpin turn near her property, but shes unaware of anyone ever getting killed.

“It’s absolutely horrible and completely avoidable but it doesn’t surprise me that it’s happened. It’s the first time that someone has gotten really hurt or killed.”

Autopsy results reveal Perring died from multiple traumatic blunt force injuries.

The Saratoga County Sheriffs Office says Perring lived just down the road from where the driver hit him. While the vehicle has been located, investigators are still looking for the person behind the wheel.

Police say the driver then ditched the vehicle here back in a wooded area. The vehicle, neighbors in this area describe as a white Jeep.

Police released a few more details as they say theyre getting closer to finding a suspect. As for Hulett, she has a message for anyone driving down her block.

“You need to be aware of your surroundings and you need to be careful and stay safe and the fact that we have to keep telling people this is horrible.”

The Perring family did not want to comment but say a GoFundMe site that has been set up to help pay for his funeral.

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