Four-legged heroes honored for saving lives of owners

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Saturday at Elysian Fields Park, Spay Nation brought community members together to honor service dogs around Acadiana.

News Tens Emily Giangreco spoke with those service dog owners about the event.

For some, these furry little friends are a companion. But for others they are needed to survive. And Saturday the community took time to honor service dogs and the bonds they create with their owners.

Many of us recognize how important dogs and cats and other companion pets are as family members.

But also all of those animals do wonderful things to help children in stressful situations, people when their illness, and those who have disabilities. They serve very important roles.

Whether it’s for emotional support, help with mobile functions or even a K9-unit, the owner of service dogs of acadiana Frannie Roy says service dogs are what keep those who need them alive.

They’re our right hand, they’re our life line. They are for us to get back into the community and to be a working part in the community to get out there.

So it is our safe line, our life line, our life, our bouie as you would say here in Acadiana, that is our life savor for us.

The event also invited pets and kids to dress up in costumes to celebrate Halloween weekend and pet owners were able to get their furry friends microchipped for only 15 dollars.

We want to make it accessable. We believe that since there are so many pets that become lost, that end up in animal control facilities and in other rescue groups that having a microchip certainly helps to get them back with their owners and we believe that making it accessable, making it easy for owners to get microchipped for their pets is a good thing.

Reporting in Lafayette Emily Giangreco KLFY News Ten.

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