Police offer reminders on how to ensure a safe Halloween

Credit: AP

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police are offering parents a few friendly reminders on how to stay safe on Halloween.

It’s a long lived tradition. People of all ages dress up as their favorite characters and fill their bags with as much candy as possible.

But aside from the fun and games come the possible dangers that should be prevented.

“It’s like anything in parenting,” Colonie Police Lt. James Gerace said. “You just know. If the wrapper looks strange, if it looks too old like it’s been sitting around too long, or if it’s open, just get rid of it.”

Drivers should be mindful of trick or treaters, an adult should look at the candy before their children eat it, and most importantly, ensure your child carries a form of identification in case of an emergency.

Police also said costume choices can impact the most important thing when walking outside: a child’s ability to see clearly.

“With a face paint, your kid’s vision isn’t going to be as obscured as it would with a mask, but we’ll leave that decision to the parents,” Gerace said. “They know what their kids can or can’t see, but I would test it out with your kids first.”

Parents at the “Trunk or Treat” event at Samaritan Hospital said they talk to their children every year before heading out to trick-or-treat.

“Tell them not to eat opened candy, anything that looks suspicious; don’t approach a house by yourself; make sure we’re with you,” parent Pam Welch said.

“Nobody eats candy until we all check it,” parent Yvonne Weis said. “Make sure you’re always with your parent and everything. Don’t just wander off.”

The main message police want parents to keep in mind is to bring your children to an area that is familiar to you and to them.

“Would you want those homeowners and those residents bringing their kids to your neighborhood?” Gerace said.

Police officers will be out and about on Halloween weekend to ensure trick-or-treaters are safe, and of course, they want you to have fun.

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