Drivers apply for transponders to prepare for all-electronic tolling on Mass Pike

(NEWS10) – Spare change will no longer be good on the Massachusetts Turnpike, and drivers are going to need a transponder instead.

The new, all-electronic tolling system in Massachusetts goes live at 10 p.m. Friday.

“For people that use the Mass Pike frequently I can see it being a benefit for them,” James Replogle, of Cohasset, Mass., said.

NEWS10 caught up with some people along the Massachusetts Turnpike on Friday who were stopping to get transponders.

“We just did it all ourself,” Christine Viola, of Lee, Mass., said. “It was very easy. If you had a question, they just answered your question.”

Viola said she doesn’t use the interstate that often, but she didn’t want to be charged for not having a transponder.

“I just didn’t want the added expense,” she said. “If I’m going to West Stockbridge, and it costs 45 cents, why do I want a surcharge on top of that when it’s only, like, 10 miles away.”

If you don’t have a transponder, yet, or just got one, there is a short grace period where you won’t be charged a fee.

“I think probably a lot will just take the hit,” Replogle said.

Replogle said he was considering just paying the fines.

“I’ve been debating it; whether to even bother with it or just take the hit,” he said. “And I figured I’ll look into it and see.”

Replogle said his daughter just started college in New York, so he’ll be using the Pike more often.

There are several spots to sign up and get a transponder. Filling out the form is easy. Workers suggest connecting it to your bank account to make it the fastest and easiest process.

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