Security steps to take in order to avoid a home invasion

(NEWS10) – When you’re asleep do you know if anyone has been in your house while you were dozing off? Did you remember to lock all of your doors and windows and to set your alarm if you have one? These seemingly mundane habits are meant to keep your family safe during the night, but you’ve got to do your part.

In a home invasion caught on video in Florida, there are children asleep on couches while a burglar calmly walks around scouting for things to steal. He eventually takes a child’s cell phone. What’s worse is his lookout is at the door armed with a gun.

Another home invasion in Texas shows a college student beaten and robbed at gunpoint while his girlfriend watched it all happen in real-time on FaceTime.

Security experts say that to reduce the likelihood of a home invasion, do a security check every night before bed to make sure all potential entrances are closed and locked. If you have a security system, use it. If you don’t have one, get one, set up security cameras, or motion-sensored lights.

Use anything that can alert you and hopefully discourage a burglar from entering your home.

Security experts also recommend putting your old cell phones to use, even without a sim card or an active service account you can still dial 911 on it in an emergency.

The idea is to be active in your own safety. It’s got to be a habit especially with the holiday season right around the corner.

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