Home Depot workers volunteer to help improve, repair Saratoga Vet House

BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — It’s freezing in Ballston Spa but brave men and women are helping to make a beautiful new space for local veterans and this is just a little portion of the work they’re doing Thursday.

“It makes you appreciate being a veteran again,” said U.S. Army Veteran Eddie Hunt. “Sometimes we lose that.”

Hunt was feeling appreciated on Thursday after his service was honored by volunteers who work at Home Depot.

The volunteers carried bag after bag of mulch, and planted flowers to create an outdoor space for veterans like Hunt who live at the Vet house of Saratoga County.

“They just cleaned out that whole area, which was a mess,” Hunt said.

“We got some evergreens, perennials,” said Home Depot employee, Steven Walters. “The front, we just cut back some of the shrubbery because it was way overgrown.”

“But it looks beautiful,” Hunt added.

Volunteers also made electrical repairs, and fixed the roof, which were all crucial to keeping a safe place for once homeless veterans like Hunt.

Having a place to call home and the support of programs at the Vet House has changed his life.

“Since I’ve been here, I got my license back, I’ve got my pension, I got myself a divorce with the legal project,” Hunt said. “Just bought myself a vehicle so I have more freedoms and stuff.”

Executive Director of the Saratoga County Rural Preservation Company Cheryl Hage-Perez says the Vet House is much more than a home.

“Helps them not only with their dignity, but helping them get their entitlements, having an address,” Hage-Perez explained.

Hunt says he’s also been successful at addressing an alcohol problem, and looks forward to enjoying this new space.

“Just a little peace and quiet, little piece of mind you know what I’m saying,” Hunt added. “Sometimes that’s what we need.”

Another part of this Home Depot campaign is they’re going to give a dollar for every person that posts a service selfie.  That means anyone can help someone out in some way.

They will do that from Sept. 1 through Veterans Day, up to $500,000 they will donate.

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