Foul play not suspected after man falls from Dunn Memorial Bridge

RENSSELAER, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Following an investigation, police said there was no indication of any foul play after a young man fell from the Dunn Memorial Bridge Wednesday afternoon.

The 19-year-old male miraculously survived after plummeting 45 feet from the bridge. But while police investigated, one question remained: Why?

A man was loaded into an ambulance, and is still alive after dropping four stories off the Dunn Memorial Bridge

Moments later, Falcon Sceny embraced her mom after learning the 19-year-old is her close friend.

“I literally bawled out in tears when my mom told me that he wasn’t going to make it,” Sceny said.

Falcon and her mother, Bonnie Quickenton, identified the man as Ryan, saying they believe he was pushed.

“You hear that he jumped, but that’s not Ryan,” Quickenton said. “He’s not suicidal. He is the most genuine, kind, loving, young man you’ll ever meet in your life.”

However, Rensselaer police aren’t ruling anything out.

“We can’t say definitively whether he jumped, whether he was pushed, whether he slipped and fell, we don’t know and that’s what we’re looking for the public to help us with,” Detective Scott Earing from the Rensselaer Police Department said.

Earing only said that it’s an active investigation and that someone knows something.

Complicating matters, there was a gas leak at Ryan’s home and reports of someone shot with a BB gun.

“We’re still working on putting it together as to whether or not they’re related, we’re unsure at this point,” Earing said.

Friends hope witnesses will come forward, but most importantly, that Ryan makes a full recovery.

“It’s an absolute a miracle that he’s alive, a miracle,” Quickenton said.

“I hope he’s okay and I hope that this never happens to him again,” Sceny said.

Police said the young man remained in the hospital in serious condition with non-life threatening injuries.

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