1948 Indians batboy remembers their last World Series

RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – Allen Broyles of Rio Rancho was at the last World Series game the Cleveland Indians played and won.

“Oh it was very exciting,” said Broyles.

He wasn’t just a Cleveland resident at the time the Indians defeated the Braves, at 14-years-old he won a contest to be the team’s bat-boy for the season. He said the team making it to the World Series was the talk of the town.

“Just chatting about the thing, and everybody did that, and you weren’t used to stopping and talking to people on the street,” said Broyles.

He met some of the greats: “Joe DiMaggio with the Yankees and Ted Williams with the Boston Red Sox,” recalled Broyles.

He said they each gave him a signed bat that he no longer has.

“They got given away by mother, but that’s all right,” Broyles laughs.

He still has several signed baseballs, and his uniform from 1948.

“It’s quite heavy wool,” he said.

He was even featured on Antiques Roadshow and had the uniform appraised at nearly $3,000.

“I thought they’d be interested in the baseballs, but no, they were interested in the uniform,” said Broyles.

He had just moved to Cleveland when he won the contest, and all these year’s later, he’s still a fan of his adopted team, but he said he also understands how much Cubs fans have suffered too.

“I’m rooting for the Indians, but I won’t feel terrible if the Cubs win,” said Broyles.

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