As investigation into devastating field house fire continues, damage estimates mount

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The investigation continues into the fire at the Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons School field house last Friday that put the Holy Trinity football team’s playoff game in jeopardy.

Initially after the fire, the focus was just to get the team on the field. Now that the season is over the school and community are left asking who started the fire, and what is next for the school.

Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons Principal Peter Fusco told News10 ABC that the crews inspecting the damage to the field house have told him they may be looking at a total rebuild.

Inside the field house, the walls are charred, helmets melted, jerseys torched, and shoulder pads destroyed.

The school’s baseball and track and field teams also lost equipment in the fire. Hurdles and a batting cage went up in flames with the field house.

The cost to replace the equipment alone is estimated at around $100,000. That number does not include the cost to rebuild the field house itself, which Principal Fusco says could be nearly $500,000.

Principal Fusco says the expense is simply not one the school can afford on its own.

“I picked up today, specifically looking into getting the damage assessed. The initial estimate is that it might cover 1/5 of the cost, so it’s not even going to come close.”

Principal Fusco says the school and football team greatly appreciate the show of support and number of donations they have already received from all over the area.

Police say they are confident an arrest will be made in connection to the fire they say was deliberately set.

In the meantime, the communities of Bishop Gibbons and Catholic High which make up the Holy Trinity team are pulling together, confident they will prevail.

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