Tickets to see historical World Series between Cubs and Indians will not be cheap

CHICAGO (KWQCWKYC) – Hopefully, World Series fans have been saving up during all the years they have been waiting for this moment.

The cheapest ticket on for Game 3 of the 2016 World Series Friday at Wrigley Field is $2,000 – and that is to stand.

The least expensive seats are listed as a section of center field bleachers running $2,800 apiece.

An outfield terrace box spot is $3,888.89, which is more than a $3,250 upper-end zone seat at the 2017 Super Bowl.

According to WKYC, the games at home for the Indians, who last won a World Series in 1948, cost slightly above average when compared to other World Series in recent years. The average price for the first two games of the series at Progressive Field are each about $1,200. Game 1 is Tuesday.

“We have seen (prices) increase during the NLCS as the Cubs looked more likely to win the series,” SeatGeek spokesperson Chris Leyden, whose site has tracked the secondary market since 2010, said. “The cities are only about a five-hour drive apart or a one-hour flight. While it looks like almost all the hotels in downtown are booked full, you can stay a short drive outside the city for only a couple hundred bucks or less.”

WKYC reports the cheapest ticket is listed at $700 for Game 1 and that is for a standing-room-only ticket on StubHub. Progressive Field has about 7,000 fewer seats now than when the ballpark opened as Jacob’s Field in 1994. The right upper field seats were removed in favor of a group seating/party area as part of a renovation announced in August 2014 that cut Progressive Field’s seating capacity to 35,225.

Some of the Wrigley’s best seats by the dugouts are now listed at $40,000.

Bargain hunting Cubs fans may find it cheaper to travel to Cleveland, where the lowest-priced ticket for Tuesday’s opening game is $1,013, according to

Some Cubs fans in the Quad Cities Area have sticker shock.

“These prices are ridiculous!” Valerie Beattie posted on Facebook.  “I’m happy for the Cubs but come on!”

The last time the Cubs appeared in the World Series was 1945, when a bleacher seat was $1.20 and a box seat for Game 7 was $7.50.

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