More companies working on inclusive toys for kids

(NEWS10) – Holiday season is right around the corner meaning it’s almost time for everyone’s favorite event, shopping.

Toy companies are breaking down the walls of stereotypes attached to toys. They’ve been brainstorming how to offer more-inclusive choices like dolls with diff-abilities, female superhero figures and characters with a range of skin tones.

Many of the products started with smaller businesses over the past few years but have been growing in popularity. Now, big names like Mattel and Hasbro are getting into the game and offering more inclusive options just in time for this holiday season.

These toys what that means on the shelves is dolls that have a greater variety of body types, complexions, eye colors and diff-abilities that kids may be more used to seeing on a regular basis.

Researchers say it’s important for kids to see themselves in the toys and objects they interact with. Those items could have a lasting impression on a kid’s overall world view.

See the different choices that could be on the shelves this holiday season by visiting:

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