Hospital security dog celebrates 1 year anniversary

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Last year, a local hospital decided to make a change to its security team.

At Ellis Hospital, it’s important to keep everyone safe and the security team here had a special member of their team helping them do it.

Cargo is a crucial part of the Ellis Hospital security team and is celebrating his one year anniversary.

“The last year has been great for security just because in certain situations when the police have had to come up here to remove somebody in certain situations Cargo and I just show up and people comply,” Cargo’s Handler Rick Rhodes said.

Rhodes spent the last year doing hours of training to make sure Cargo is ready for every situation.

“Shootings and stabbings and a large amount of people showing up and with tensions running high, Cargo can deescalate the situation with little to no violence”

Most of the time, all Cargo and Rhodes have to do is show up.

“We just show up and people comply.”

You never know where they might be.

“We rotate between campuses all the time so nobody knows where we are or when we’re going to show up.”

Rhodes says he can’t imagine doing his job without Cargo.

“It kind of feels weird not having him there. He makes such a huge difference and he’s such a deterrent, it just works so well.”

Even though Cargo gets to be a normal dog and go on hikes or swim, but there is one thing he likes to do the best.

“Most of all he likes to work. That’s when he’s the happiest when he’s here.”

Rhodes says he considers this past year a huge success for him and Cargo. He hopes other hospitals will look to them if they’re trying to follow an example.

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