Zoning board approves family goat can stay as therapy animal

HUDSON FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The fate of a family’s pet pygmy goat was decided Monday night.

The goat, Coca Rose, lives with her owners Greg and Cindy Cutler in Hudson Falls. Greg lives with Parkinson’s disease. When a family friend received the goat as a gift, she brought her to meet Greg. They formed an instant bond.

“She’s so lovable,” home health aide Carol Terrio said. “She was two pounds when she was first born.”

Greg’s family said Coca Rose makes him more responsive to interacting with people.

“I’ll talk to it; tell it how I’m feeling that particular day,” Greg said. “I swear she can understand what I’m saying.”

However, last month, the village had an issue with Coca Rose, and classified her as livestock, which means she can’t live in the village limits.

After weeks of debate, a hearing with the zoning board met on Monday to make a decision.

Some said no, and if the goat stayed, then it would become a slippery slope.

“Others could possibly demand to have a chicken, a horse, whatever,” board member Jim Ross said.

But others said it was simply a man and his pet.

Over 500 people signed a petition to let Coca Rose stay in the village.

In the end, the zoning board voted in Cutler’s favor, and Coca Rose will get to stay with the only family she’s ever known.

“I love living in a little town where you can act like a human being; where people care about each other and support each other and don’t feel like they have to stick to the letter of the law,” Cindy said.

Coca Rose still needs to get rabies shots, and there are new sets of regulations the family must follow.

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