Zombies were on the loose in Saratoga Spa Park to raise money for Special Olympics

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY (NEWS10) – This is an important message from News10ABC. Zombies are on the loose in Saratoga Springs and hundreds are running for their lives.

It’s called the RunDead 5K. And while zombies might eat guts, they still have hearts.

The proceeds from this will benefit the Special Olympics in New York.

“Everything we raise here today goes back to our athletes for transportation, equipment, everything that they do and we need it so desperately in the Capital Region,” said Renee Snyder, Vice President of Development Special Olympics New York.

Renee Snyder works with the organization helping to raise money for the athletes and finding unique ways to make a big difference.

“We have to fundraise. We have to do creative things in the fundraising department”, said Renee Snyder.

Things like this, bringing on sponsors, adding “Death Wish Coffee” is a…wait for it…no brainer.

“I think it’s our duty as a company growing to be able to help out others. That’s one of the few things we can do now,” said Kane Grogan, Customer Service Manager of Death Wish Coffee.

A check for over $17,000 can go a long way.

“This is one of my favorite events now. Hopefully it keeps going and gets bigger and bigger and we can bring more awareness,” said Grogan.

Great news for the living but what about the undead?

“We wanted to go out and try to look really good,” said one of the zombies.

Oh okay, so it’s just makeup. Zombies aren’t real right?

“There’s an even here today? I just came for lunch,” said a zombie.

Whether you’re a human or a zombie, we can all agree we’re running for a great cause here today in Saratoga.

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