Event held Sunday to raise awareness for first responders

COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Local first responders are brushing up on their training, not only to help save others, but also to keep themselves safe in an emergency.

A number of fire, ambulance, and tow truck crews came out on Sunday for the hands-on training sessions in Cohoes, where they learned about vehicle extrications and how to protect one another on the road.

Just two weeks ago, a local tow truck driver, 51-year-old James Homkey of Canajoharie, was killed while responding to a disabled car when he was hit by another car.

Another was killed on Sunday on Long Island. The incidents are calling more attention to first responders’ safety.

“We are asking the public to move over, to slow down, if they can,” said a first responder. “We are telling them that we have families, we have wives, children, and grandchildren, sitting there waiting for us and as an industry to slow down and move over.”

According to the Federal Highway Administration, on average, a tow truck driver is killed every six days in the U.S.

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