Holy Trinity plays first ever playoff game despite losing equipment in fire

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Less than two days after the Holy Trinity football team lost all of their equipment in a devastating fire, the team took the field on Saturday. An outpouring of support from across the region, helped the team rise from the ashes.

There are moments in sports and in life that can define one’s character. Friday morning, a fire destroyed everything for the Holy Trinity football team.

Not just helmets or pads, but seemingly the dreams of playing in the school’s first ever playoff game as well.

“I went online and I saw the pictures and I was just devastated,” said Defensive Back, junior John Loughan.

“I woke up normal time,” said Defensive Tackle, junior Andrew Vogt. “My mom sat me down, turned on the news and showed me it. I was just shocked.”

“My mom woke me up at 5 a.m.,” Sam Lock, Center and Defensive Tackle, said. “She told me that the field house burned down. I just didn’t believe it and I came here and I saw the hole in the roof. I was just in a state of disbelief until I actually walked in there first period of the day, and I just broke down.”

The dream season was about to end in a nightmare, but Coach John Barber had faith.

“I told them, we’re going to stay on schedule, we’ll have our walk-through at 4 ‘o’clock,” Barber said. “I knew deep down that we’d have our equipment here.”

Mere hours after the fire, came donations from every part of the Capital Region and beyond — Cleats, shoulder pads, and helmets.

Other high schools and colleges, like the University of Albany, all reached out, giving whatever they could.

“It’s honestly heart-warming,” Vogt said. “All the support and the community coming together just shows that this is way more than a game.”

“It’s just nice to see everyone’s behind us and it would be great to come out here and get a great win after something like that happens,” said Running Back, Dion Sexton. “It’s going to be a great story to tell one day.”

On Saturday, after more than $50,000 worth of equipment is donated to the team, Holy Trinity takes the field for their first ever playoff football game against Hoosic Valley.

After a roller-coaster of 36-hours, a team and a community come out stronger than ever.

Vogt said he has “never been more ready in his life” to get back on the field and play some football.

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