Two men indicted for perjury in Schenectady arson homicide investigation

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Two people indicted on Friday makes four people in total that have been charged with lying to a grand jury about a fatal arson case.

Safyre Terry’s mother Jennica Duell was convicted of perjury and Edward Leon who’s been called a suspect in the arson was also convicted of perjury. Robert Butler was originally charged with the crime but those charges were dropped.

In federal court, 22-year-old Bryan Fish, of Schenectady, pleaded not guilty to three counts of perjury.

He’s accused of lying to a grand jury regarding the Schenectady Hulett Street arson fire that killed survivor Safyre Terry’s father and three siblings in May of 2013.

The indictment alleges that Fish falsely testified regarding a person who allegedly drove Fish, Jennica Duell and Robert Butler from Saratoga to Hulett Street the day of the fire. He’s also accused of lying about that person’s involvement in the fire and about how he contacted that same person to arrange for a ride.

Also indicted on four counts of perjury in the case was 47-year-old Richard Ramsey of Saratoga. He’s accused of testifying that he allowed Robert Butler to use his car the day of the fire and then later gave contradictory testimony. Fish’s Attorney says his client was not involved in the arson at all.

“Let’s remember three children are dead. The father of those three children is dead. Why are they bothering prosecuting people that they put into the grand jury three and a half years ago? Why not get on with the investigation of the murders rather than wasting time in a pointless prosecution of one of their witnesses before the grand jury,” Frederick Rench said.

Fish’s mother and girlfriend spoke says he was coerced into saying what police wanted him to say during an interrogation they say lasted around 12 hours.

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