8-year-old finds and returns missing wedding ring

ROYALTON, Minn. (ABC NEWS) – Matt Dooyema was tubing with co-workers at Two Rivers campground in Royalton, Minnesota when the unthinkable happened.

At some point, Dooyema lost his wedding ring.

“I didn’t think to take my ring off.  As most married people know, you know, it just becomes part of your body,” Dooyema said. “I started crying like a baby.  I really did.  I married my best friend.  My wife is my world to me, so. Luckily, my wife is very understanding.”

Dooyema says on their two year anniversary, he and his wife got their rings tattooed on.

“The joke is, you can never lose that ring,” Dooyema said.

For Dooyema, it may also be the case that he can’t lose his actual wedding ring.

On September 3, Jennifer Ortloff and her 8-year-old son Matthew visited Two Rivers campground where Matthew found what he thought was a gold stone.

It wasn’t a gold stone but was a ring.

The engraving inside had Matt Dooyema’s initials, his wife’s initials, and their wedding date.

The Ortloff’s were able to track Matt Dooyema down through the Minnesota marriage system.

The family then sent Dooyema a Facebook message.

“‘My family and I were recently vacationing in the Royalton-Rice area and we think we found a ring that might belong to you.’  And I’m dumbfounded,” Dooyema said.

Matthew Ortloff, the boy who found the ring, says it’s good to give things back to people.

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