Mom killed in front of her two kids during possible road rage incident

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (CNN) –  A young mom in Missouri was shot and killed behind the wheel with her two young children watching from the back seat.

Dylan Gray, the victim’s brother,  fought back tears as he remembers his younger sister Whitney Gray.

“She was just full of joy,” Gray said.

He also says Whitney was upbeat, positive and treasured her two young sons, 6-month-old Bentley and 3-year-old Junior.

“She was the best mom I knew,” Gray said. “I’m angry and it doesn`t make any sense to me.”

Within minutes, witnesses say they saw Christopher Taylor engaged in road rage incident with Whitney near Sterling and 23rd Street.

Witnesses also say as Whitney drove northbound on Sterling, Taylor tailgated her, followed her and then passed her so close that he almost caused a wreck.

According to court documents, Whitney`s 16-year-old niece throw some type of liquid onto Taylor`s SUV when Taylor pulled beside the family`s vehicle.

Moments later, witnesses say Taylor pulled out a gun and shot Whitney Gray in her chest before the wounded mom stopped her van in a nearby front yard.

Mike Stark jumped off his motorcycle to help the mom.

Dylan raced to the scene worried about Whitney and her boys. He soon learned his sister died in front of her children.

“The baby’s he’s too young to really to understand,” Gray said. “He’s got love, he is pretty content, the other was probably in shock.”

Now, Whitney`s grieving family especially comforts her boys.

“They`ll be taken care of very well, I know that.”

As for the suspect, Gray says he wants to see the penalty used in this case.

Taylor was later arrested in South Dakota.  He’s now facing second-degree murder charges.

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