Everyday Hero: Mother helps daughter battle breast cancer

DAVENPORT, Ia. (KWQC)- Diane Koster has been working to fight cancer for years. Koster worked for the American Cancer Society as their chief fundraiser for five years and has spent time as a volunteer for Susan G. Komen. Although she spent years working with others affected by breast cancer, she was shocked when the disease hit closer to home.

“I was in denial there was no way that I thought that she could have breast cancer, there was now way.”

In April, Diane’s 28-year-old daughter, Lindsay, was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, one of the rarest and most aggressive forms. Shortly after her diagnosis, they learned the cancer had spread to multiple parts of her body. Lindsay has spent the last six months undergoing treatment, but because of her genetic profile, most common therapies and drugs haven’t worked. Throughout her struggle to beat the disease, Lindsay has helped spread awareness of inflammatory breast cancer through a Facebook page, and by participating in research studies and evaluations to help find a cure.

“I couldn’t be more proud about the steps that Lindsay has taken, you know she is fighting for her life right now but knowing that she wants to take the effort and make sure that other women know what she’s going through and be aware of the signs and symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer.”

Today Lindsay continues to fight her battle with breast cancer with her mom, Diane, by her side. For more information on inflammatory breast cancer and symptoms that may be associated with the disease visit cancer.gov. 

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