Annual event teaches students about Hudson River and how to protect it

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) —  More than 4,700 elementary to college students participated in the DEC’s annual “A day in the life of the Hudson River Estuary” event on Thursday.

At the Corning Preserve, fourth graders from Albany’s Montessori Magnet School got to become scientists for the day.

“We believe firmly to exposing the youth of New York to the wonders of nature,” Basil Seggos, Commissioner of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, said.

The students had the chance to experience first-hand one of the most productive ecosystems in America, conducting their own research and learning how scientists are working to protect it — All activities that are bound to make more of an impact than just looking at pictures in a book.

“You see things like the Hudson River up close, you get to see fish in your hands when you’re a little kid, something that sticks with you,” Seggos said.

Although organizers don’t expect all of these students to want to grow up to become scientists, they do hope they’ll be stewards for the environment.

“Clearly the best stewards of the environment are the ones who are exposed to it early on,” Seggos said. “Whether they do it professionally or recreationally, it’s a great experience for them and will foster lots of other great experiences in the future.”

The kids seem to agree as they shout, “we’re at the Hudson River.”

“I had a really fun time and I think I am going to have a lot more fun,” Fourth grader, Owen Sears, said.

“I said, well, who of you wants to join me, and I swear, five or six of them raised their hands on the spot,” Seggos said.

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