Amsterdam experiences second sewage spill in three months

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local community is feeling the effects of a sewage leak for the second time this year.

It was just three months ago that sewage was spilling by Forest Avenue. Now, it’s happening again.

The city engineer told NEWS10 ABC it’s a minor leak, but those working and living in the area are still concerned.

Aaron Aldi is a chef at Amsterdam Fish Fry. He assumed another leak happened after he started smelling a familiar odor a few days ago.

“Kind of gets you in the chest a little bit,” he described.

Aldi knows the feeling all too well. In July, an underground sewer pipe on Forest Avenue broke and caused a major spill of untreated sewage into the North Chuctanunda Creek, which flows into the Mohawk River.

Weeks of repairs and replacing the 100-year-old clay pipe inconvenienced Aldi.

“Dampered a little bit of business just for local traffic coming in and out,” he said.

He could soon be facing it again as his senses are correct.

Untreated sewage is spilling into the Mohawk River from the creek again. A New York State Department of Environmental Conservation alert said the spill was discovered around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, and it was spilling at a rate of 10 gallons per minute.

Over the summer, sewage was spilling at 50 gallons per minute.

City Engineer Richard Miller said the newest leak is unrelated to the new pipework, but he said they do not know the cause or exact location of the leak. Miller said they’re investigating the upstream manholes and piping.

As for Aldi, he hopes the spills will finally come to an end.

“Get the problem fixed,” he said. “When and where it will happen, who knows.”

Miller said people in the area shouldn’t be worried.

NEWS10 reached out to the mayor but did not receive a response.

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