Police providing update on Rensselaer County homicide investigations

Christian Gonzalez Hernandez (L) and Javier Gomez (R)

RENSSELAER COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Sources close to the investigation of the Rensselaer County homicides this week say multiple arrests were made in Virginia.

Police say they arrested Luis Monge Guevara of Clifton Park, Magdalano Perez-Calixto of Latham and Salomon Najera-Hernandez of Mexico.

On Wednesday, law enforcement sources say the death of 23-year-old Javier Gomez of Troy is related to the body found in a creek in Brunswick around 5 p.m. Tuesday night.

Those sources tell News10ABC’s Anya Tucker that the body found in the water is believed to be Christian Gonzalez Hernandez, a cousin and roommate of Javier’s.

Both deaths are still being investigated by police but the Sheriff’s Office confirms the body found in a Brunswick creek is the victim of a homicide.

Quiet and serene is how neighbors describe the Blue Factory Creek in Brunswick.

The community is shaken after the grim discovery of a man’s body near the water. It is Rensselaer County’s second homicide victim in two days.

Gomez’s family says Gomez and his cousin, Hernandez, were living in a second-floor apartment on Glen Avenue in Troy with two other cousins.

The family was deeply disturbed when they learned Gomez’s body was found in the apartment Monday, and now one family member says he’s very concerned for the rest of the family after learning that according to law enforcement sources, Hernandez is believed to be the body found in a creek in Brunswick Tuesday.

Hernandez’s cousin said that Wednesday morning he could not locate Hernandez and says he did not show up for work that day.

Family members say Hernandez worked in a scrapyard in Albany and Gomez worked in Cohoes.

The family says Gomez is from Mexico and had only been living at the apartment with his cousins for a few months. Family members also say that police were looking for Hernandez because they wanted to speak to him about Gomez’s death.

The pair’s cousin, Roberto Gonzalez, shook his head no when he was asked if he knew anyone that would want to hurt Gomez, or any reason why they would do this.

Family members of both cousins left the Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Office worried and confused. They say they had just spoken with Gomez on Monday, but hadn’t heard from Hernandez since Sunday night.

New York State Police had sent out a “Be on the lookout” or, BOLO alert, for Hernandez across the Capital Region as they were searching for Hernandez as someone they wanted to speak with in connection with the homicide.

Police have not released the cause of death for either victim but Sheriff Russo says an autopsy was being done on Hernandez on Wednesday.

Police have also kept quiet on a possible motive.

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