Local flower shop handing out free bouquets of flowers for “Petal-It-Forward” campaign

SCHENECTADY, NY (NEWS10) – If you were walking down the street minding your own business and a complete stranger walked up to you, gave you a bouquet of flowers and said have a great day, what would you think and what would you say in response?

That’s what one local florist’s shop over in Schenectady will be doing this morning just to put a smile on people’s faces and hopefully spark some kindness in people’s hearts, just by handing them some flowers, just because.

It’s a campaign called Petal-It-Forward meant to highlight the benefits of flowers, the positive impact they can have in our mood and productivity.

People from “Flowers by Jo-Ann” will be walking around the North Union Street neighborhood of Schenectady handing out 100 free bouquets of flowers to complete strangers starting this morning around 11am.

Each stranger will get two bouquets with an assortment of flowers; they are all different and unique.

They are asked to “Petal It Forward” by giving one of their bouquets to someone special in their life, or even a stranger who could use a smile.

And that’s it, it’s all meant to rebuild the sense of community and spread happiness and smiles. And participants will be doing it for one of the best reasons, just because.

“Bring community together, that is what we need. We definitely need to bring community together; generosity. I just want you to smile, especially if you see someone that looks like they might be having a bad day. To hand a bouquet of flowers to them and hear, I hope your day is wonderful means a lot,” said Joann Mingo.

This is a national campaign that the society of American florists participating in, so if you get one of these bouquets today share how you Petaled-It-Forward by posting the picture on social media and use the hashtag Petal-It-Forward.


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