Amid clown scares, tips on how to keep Halloween fun and safe for kids

ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. (WFLA)– Halloween is supposed to be a fun time for kids, but with creepy clown scares happening across the country, it could be an uneasy holiday for some this year.

“I don’t think they are aware, but we are definitely aware and if we see any scary clowns, we will steer clear of those,” said mother of two Angela Kaczor.

If your kids do have questions, it’s good to remind them that clowns are meant to be fun and not scary.

“I would explain that sometimes clowns are in circuses and they are fun and they are not meant to be scary…explain that underneath that costume, there is a real person,” said Petra Vybiralova, Safe Kids Supervisor for Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg.

After quelling fears at home, kids will take to the streets to go trick or treating and parents need to make sure their little ones can both see and be seen.

Halloween is the deadliest day of the year for child pedestrians. On average, over two times as many child pedestrians die on Halloween compared to other days.

“It’s just a lot of commotion, around vehicles, after dark,” said Vybiralova.

To make sure kids are aware of their surroundings, they need to be able to see properly in their cute costumes.

“One of the things we suggest is instead of putting a mask on that can shift, putting face paint on…also, parents can put reflective tapes or reflectors onto their kids’ clothing,” said Vybiralova.

A little preparation ensures families have a scary good and safe time when out trick or treating.

For more Halloween safety tips, visit:

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